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    The membership card is valid for one semester (i.e. from September to January inclusive, or from February to June inclusive.) Your registration is effective upon receipt of your payment. New members have the opportunity to try two lessons before deciding to register.

    For the September 2024 semester, payment must be made by 17 October 2024 at the latest.

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    * I will not hold the Club EURODANSE and/or the members of its Board financially or otherwise responsible for any accident that might occur during any of the activities organized by the Club EURODANSE and/or its members.

    * I have made a transfer to the account of the Club EURODANSE via the details as follows:
    BIL IBAN Number:  LU36 0028 1026 8240 0000
    BIC code: BILLLULL

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    Before you register, please transfer the corresponding amount to the account of the Club EURODANSE:
    Bank: BIL.  BIC code: BILLLULL
    IBAN: LU36 0028 1026 8240 0000

    Association options

    • Official:
      Officials and other servants of the Institutions and other Community Bodies located in Luxemburg (CE, PE, CdJ, CdC, BEI, FEI, CdT, EE)
    • Assimilated member:
      Officials and other servants with a non-active status (retired or other); Seconded National Experts; Teachers at the European School
    • Associated Member:
      Family members dependent from the persons mentioned under 1 and 2; Trainees
    • External Member: