About us

Eurodanse was founded in December 1986 as a member of the "Cercle Sportif" of the European Institutions in Luxemburg.

The founding fathers and mothers were (in alphabetical order):

  • Reinhard Clauss
  • Dominique Schenel
  • Johannes Schiederig
  • Robert van der Star
  • Barbara Szauer

Initially, Eurodanse organised the dancing classes at two different levels once a week in the Foyer of the European Institutions in Luxemburg (the former Casino). After a few years the Foyer had to be abandoned by the European Institutions and Eurodanse found a new home in the "Salle des Fêtes" of the "Arquebusiers".

The fast growing interest in the dancing classes lead Eurodanse to gradually expand the number of dancing levels from two to four, spread over two evenings every week. In 2008, the Ballroom at "Arquebusiers" had to be abandoned and the dancing classes were relocated to Betzdorf. Eurodanse then subsequently relocated to Beyren in 2019.

Every year after the Spring/Summer season a summer ball is organised. Participants prepare their favourite dishes to be shared with the others.

A traditional Dinner-dance is organised every year in the ParcHotel at the end of November. For this major event Eurodanse invites dancers of the highest world standards (World Champions in Standard dances, Latin American dances or Ten Dances) to give a show.

The Board of the club is composed as follows:

  • Luc LINSTER – President
  • Carla LINSTER – Secretary
  • Girorgio Rovai - Treasurer
  • Fernando TIRADO - Public relations
  • Minh-Chau NGUYEN - Webmaster
  • Chris HOLLIFIELD - Webmaster
  • Hannah ATKINSON - Member
  • Jelka SAUBER-LEKIC - Member